I follow a simple, traditional philosophy: Just Bread. Good bread needs time, not additives. Coming from a long heritage of German bread-making culture, I produce breads that are organic, free from preservatives, and based on a minimum ingredient principle: only flour, water, salt and sourdough starter. This allows me to produce creative and innovative baked goods with only the best natural ingredients.

Highest Quality

Pure bread, hand-made from demeter quality organic flours.

Good for the environment

I use only non-GMO, organic ingredients from sustainable sources.


Healthy flours, along with gluten-free and ancient grain options.

Baking workshops for kids

Kids love baking. Getting their hands on pure dough and kneading, forming and shaping are great ways to explore different textures and materials. And you get tasty baked goods, too! I offer regular baking afternoons for kids in the Sydney area. Come along to one of my afternoons and let your children experiment with ancient, traditional bread and cake baking techniques.

German Family Grown Business

Bread Crumbs Bakery started as a home bakery in Germany, in a small Bavarian town near Munich, where Pretzels and rustic breads are an integral part of every meal. I am now proudly bringing those traditional German baked goods to Australia, along with some quirky adjustments!

Try my traditional Pretzels and breads, and satisfy your sweet tooth on German pastries. Or maybe you have special dietary needs? I offer paleo and gluten-free options as well.

Baking is easy, and fun. In my workshops, I teach you how to start your own sourdough journey and produce beautiful, healthy breads at home with just four ingredients. And baking is especially fun for our little ones! Enjoy a free afternoon while your kids learn how to shape and bake their own buns and pretzels. I offer kids baking workshops and many activities that allows the little ones to be creative.