Brezeln (Pretzel)

The most German of all breads

Pretzels are probably the most famous of all German breads. Originally consumed during fasting, the oldest documented pretzel was noted in 1111, when it appeared in a baker’s guild crest. The pretzel dates back to even before this date though, and is thought to have been invented by monks in Italy around 610. Today, pretzels are consumed around the world and renowned for their quirky shape and delicious taste.

At Bread Crumbs Bakery, we bake pretzels following ancient methods with the exception that we substitute lye for sodium bicarbonate. There is a simple reason behind this: I don’t like working with harsh chemicals, especially when I am baking with kids. And the bicarb soda produces very similar results with much less of a health hazard.

Ingredient list:

  • Flour
  • Yeast
  • Salt
  • Milk
  • Water and sodium bicarbonate for basking

Pretzels are best enjoyed fresh! Order yours a day or two in advance and I will gladly bake and deliver fresh pretzels for you – whether you are holding a function, work event, party or just want to enjoy fresh pretzels by yourself or with your family. Just contact me for orders and enjoy!