My philosophy

My philosophy is very simple: Just Bread. I love pure, organic, hand-made breads and I want to share them with the world. My breads are made from organic, pure, demeter quality flours and follow a least ingredient principle. I never add preservatives, taste enhancers or other nasties to my breads. Healthy bread that’s good for you and your family – taste and feel the difference!

About me

Bread Crumbs Bakery started as a small home-run German bakery in Sydney back in 2009, then called Black Forest Bakery. In those days, home order traditional German cakes were my business, and demand was high.

Since then, I have moved countries twice, going back to Germany and returning to Australia, and I have come to realise that as much as I love making amazing cakes, my true passion is rustic, organic, pure bread. From sourdough to spelt and seeds and fruit; I just love getting my hands on a warm, rustic loaf, to add just melted butter and some salt – heaven!

I’ve also come to realise that people today are in need of an option to return to traditional, simple foods with non-complex ingredient lists. In the days of plastic-wrapped, pre-sliced supermarket loaves, it’s easy to forget that making bread used to be a communal process, often taking several days to allow the bread to rise and develop, with minimal ingredients and interference. Bread Crumbs Bakery allows you to return to a more grounded way of eating, while knowing that what you put into your body will not harm you.