Become a stockist

I proudly supply all my popular Bread Crumbs Bakery baked goods to cafés and restaurants in the Sydney region. If you run a café or restaurant and would like to enquire about including a touch of German baking tradition in your range, simply speak to me today about your options. I would love to help you delight your customers!

We bake fresh every day, and we are proud to bring a piece of German baking culture to Australia. Interested? Send an email to to arrange a taste and meet!

We look forward to working with you.

Delight your customers

My breads, cakes and cookies are guaranteed to add immense value to your product range and delight your customers. You’ll be supporting a local business that prides itself in being organic, pure and simple, allowing your customers to enjoy only the best baked goods available.

I have both savoury and sweet options available to fit your product line. And if you are catering for special dietary requirements, talk to me about our gluten free, ancient grain and paleo options!

Just Bread – good for you and your customers.