Your event – my bread

Whether you are holding a work function, a kids birthday or a wedding, my breads, cakes and cookies will not fail to make you happy. From traditional German Pretzels and breads to Paleo banana bread and vegan cakes, I have you covered. Talk to me about your plans and let me surprise you!

Order my bread and cakes

Dostojewski said it very fittingly: “People don’t need freedom, they need bread”. While I do see merit in freedom, it has been true for centuries that our daily bread is the most important food. Bread makes us happy. Who doesn’t like a warm loaf fresh from the oven, dipped in olive oil or spread with a thick layer of salted butter?

If you are holding a function or party, don’t let your guests go without this experience. I supply to the Sydney and lower Blue Mountains area on a pre-order basis.

Talk to me about what you have planned and I will be happy to make suggestions to delight your guests. I look forward to working with you!