Kids baking

Kids love baking

Allow your children to be involved in baking; weighing flours, breaking eggs, kneading dough. Baking gives kids an opportunity to explore shapes, smells and joy. Baking teaches patience, and attention to detail. Baking is good for kids, with the outcome of being able to enjoy something they created, anticipated, and waited for. Small groups and a loving environment ensure a quiet and fun afternoon for all children.

Kids baking workshops

Baking is an artistic activity that involves patience and attention to detail; both of which are qualities that are increasingly disappearing in today’s fast-paced world. From a very young age, kids are exposed to screens, technology and high-stress lives, where instant gratification is taken for granted.

My workshops are designed to give children an opportunity to ground themselves and reconnect with a more natural pace in a quiet and peaceful environment. Children get to experiment with flavours, shaping, baking and smells. They are actively involved in every step of the bread-making process; from weighing ingredients to mixing the dough and shaping it, right through to baking and decorating.

Located in the beautiful Hills Shire, I run workshops on a weekly basis every Wednesday afternoon. For enquiries and bookings, please email