Blueberry Apple Tart

Tart the way the French like to eat it! This goodness of autumn is best enjoyed warm straight from the oven and lightly duested with icing sugar. I may also put a scoop of high-quality Italian ice cream next to it, if I’m feeling the sweet tooth! Three countries meet, and three sensations meet: juicy […]

Date & Cardamom Tart

I’m not usually a fan of dates, or dried fruit in general, as they tend to turn everything into sticky sweet mush. However, the other day I went to a dinner and was asked to bring dessert that was both gluten and dairy free as well as low carb, and I discovered a new use […]

Home-made Chocolate

Home-made Chocolate: Pure Bliss I don’t usually consider myself a person with a sweet tooth, but this is one treat even I can’t resist. What you are looking at here is delicious, fudgy home-made chocolate, my favourite midnight after-dancing snack! We offer this chocolate in many different varieties, using healthy fats and nuts and sweetened […]

Engadiner biscuits

History The Engadiner biscuit originated in the Engadin region of Switzerland, a long high Alpine valley region in the eastern Swiss Alps located in the canton of Graub√ľnden. This biscuit is traditionally baked in the “Advent” time in Germany and Switzerland, the darkest time of year leading up to Christmas. I grew up on these […]

Swiss Carrot Cake

Traditional Swiss Carrot Cake in Sydney A traditional Swiss delicacy, this cake was my mum’s favourite and I have lost track of the number of times I’ve baked it growing up. Deliciously juicy, with lemony zest and powdery sugar, this cake is best baked the day before and then left to rest, for the different […]

Traditional German Marble Cake

Marble Cake – A German Classic A birthday and afternoon tea favourite in Germany for kids and adults alike, this marble cake is my favourite go-to option for kids birthday parties. In fact, my daughter specifically asks for this cake when her birthday comes around, and it can be beautifully decorated and customised in many […]

Raw vegan raspberry cheesecake

A fantastic alternative to flour cakes, this cake is best served from the freezer and perfect for those hot summer days. Kids love it, too! Ingredient list: Cashew nuts Apricot Almond meal Coconut cream Coconut oil Raspberries Honey