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Home-made Chocolate

Home-made Chocolate: Pure Bliss

I don’t usually consider myself a person with a sweet tooth, but this is one treat even I can’t resist. What you are looking at here is delicious, fudgy home-made chocolate, my favourite midnight after-dancing snack! We offer this chocolate in many different varieties, using healthy fats and nuts and sweetened only with pure maple syrup. This never lasts long in my fridge!


  • Your choice of fat, such as grass-fed butter, coconut oil or cacao butter
  • Peanut butter
  • Cacao powder
  • Vanilla
  • Your choice of nuts
  • Maple syrup

The choice of fat is a very important determinant for the taste and texture of this chocolate. Coconut oil has a strong taste of its own, that makes a great chocolate if you like the taste. Butter is my personal favourite, as it gives the chocolate a chewy, fudgy kind of texture and beautiful buttery tast – however, it does melt pretty easily and has to be kept in the fridge. Finally, as the classic ingredient in chocolate, cacao butter is a very healthy fat with a mild taste, which makes it a good choice if you are looking to add lots of other ingredients, or offset a particularly strong-tasting one. It also calls for a little more maple syrup than the other two.

As for nuts and crunchy additives, I have experimented with dry-roasted almonds, hazelnuts, crushed peanuts and a mix of macadamia and almond. All turned out amazing! If you like the taste, you can also add further fun things such as goji berries, raising, or chilli. Just let me know your preferred option and I will put it together for you!

Swiss Carrot Cake

Traditional Swiss Carrot Cake in Sydney

A traditional Swiss delicacy, this cake was my mum’s favourite and I have lost track of the number of times I’ve baked it growing up. Deliciously juicy, with lemony zest and powdery sugar, this cake is best baked the day before and then left to rest, for the different flavours to mingle and create the cake’s sweet-sour signature taste. Because it only uses a very small amount of flour, it is light in taste and not too filling. This cake is one of my favourite suggestions for birthdays and weddings.

Ingredient list:

  • Carrots
  • Almond meal
  • Eggs
  • Lemon
  • Your choice of flour
  • Organic, raw sugar or honey
  • Baking powder

I like to top this cake with a thick lemony icing. Perfect for warm days! Interested? Order your own cake today!